6 days ago

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls- Joseph Campbell.

Photo by Fransiskus Filbert Mangundap

Anchor your bliss; put ego aside and rethink.

Anchor your bliss; put your joy on top tier of life’s list.

Anchor your bliss; not prioritizing self love is a risk.

Anchor your bliss, time…



Jan 2

Photo by Robin Schreiner on Unsplash

Dream on, dream on in clear infinity

Living life in all its nitty gritty.

Wasting time is such a pity

All of a sudden you wake up so guilty.

Trying to pick up the pace

Bothersome of utter waste.

Life and its creation

Giving you energy to brace.

Choosing law…



Dec 27, 2022

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Rushing to hold on to dear life or what you think is ultimately right.

Rushing to be at ease, just don’t care what’s real.

Rushing to take any affection, no words for consequences or reaction.

Rushing against time, no patience to see what’s in line.

Rushing to gather papers, no…



Dec 26, 2022

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Bring back Christmas joy and cheer.

True meaning of nativity is what we should share.

Christmas I dream of your past memories.

Listening in delight to ancient stories.

Everything is so commercialized,

The mere thoughts make you cringe.

Pretty soon we will be singing praises to the Grinch.

The star…



Dec 11, 2022

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

So until then, peace within is my new friend.

So until then, spreading kindness should be the glorified trend.

So until then, live your life the best way, even only you can comprehend.

So until then, self love is a daily vitamin I recommend.

So until then, dream and love…



Dec 3, 2022

Photo by Cole Farlow on Unsplash

Trying to tackle the wrath of the rain.

A terrible feeling filled with pleasures

And disconnected pain.

Unimpressed downpour reminding

You better stay indoors.

Concave of wind wrestle with trees, forces

Anything and everything out of sight.

Rain you are ready for a supreme adventure,

Trotting down the forbidden path…



Dec 2, 2022

“I don’t pretend to understand the universe–it’s much bigger than I am.” — Albert Einstein

Photo by Melissa Finley Scala ~ Wellness Lo

My own time to shine, location, location, location.

I am here, I am there

Only if I could be everywhere.

Lost in choices, my options are unlimited.

Time is not against me.

The decisions are…




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