Get your mind in shape….

It was necessary I put myself on an information diet as it pertains to celebrity business, latest gossip or just plain old useless information.

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

Information overload can manifest itself as brain fog, anxiety, depression and difficulty making decisions. In general, information overload is the kind…

Hello 2022………

Wishing everyone a prosperous new year, we will be grabbing the bull by the horns for 2022. These are my 22 reasons to build myself enormously, thought I will share it with you guys. This is my personal list however there might be addition or takeaway. …

Whatever the case may be, is it A or B?

Hard times are behind, feeling guilt free for choices made? No I bet, Yes dream accomplished.

It does not matter what stage you are in life, decision making matter for you to take the next step. What is life without…

LA Haye

I am a writer exploring my purpose, vision and lifelong goals. Poetry writer and avid traveller.

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