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Change for good, May you reach your highest potential.

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What you say to yourself determine your move in life, if you meditate on self-destructive thought you will reap the reward of what you sows. We create our own reality. It’s the stories that we are telling ourselves that plays out where we are right now. Using daily positive affirmations and positive self-talk, is helpful in changing the subconscious negative thinking patterns.

What causes self-destructive thoughts?

Self-destructive behavior can stem from a mental health condition, such as: Anxiety disorders: Characterized by debilitating fear, worry, and distress. Depression: Overwhelming sadness and loss of interest. It usually involves a variety of physical symptoms.

Whenever you feel down, depressed, loss, doubt and confused and I am speaking mildly because if these feelings are intense I suggest you seek professional help.

Positive mindset is a daily choice. You have to purposely renew your mind daily with uplifting words and videos. Focus on what you want to happen in your life. Set mind on daily gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal. Therefore you automatically become positive and find something to be grateful in every given situation.

Renew and organized your mind, feed your mental, physical and emotional wisely and hold on tenaciously to faith and know whatever you desire, YOU WILL RECEIVE.

May your mind be renewed so that you will manifest everything you desire.




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