Life Choices

3 min readAug 13, 2022

Whatever the case may be, is it A or B?

Hard times are behind, feeling guilt free for choices made? No I bet, Yes dream accomplished.

It does not matter what stage you are in life, decision making matter for you to take the next step. What is life without choices? Making the right choice is critical as it pertain to you because nobody can do that but YOU. This is giving meaning to your life and your purpose for existing.

Photo by Damian Siodłak on Unsplash

Most of life choices require growth, they have to be made from a place of love for yourself, and the more secure you are in your life. You will be better at making them, you cannot make choices based on people’s decision or opinion of you, these choices should be on levelling up, elevation and what place you are operating from.

You have to first understand and aware at the problems at hand, these require an awakening to determine the outcome of the solution based on choices made. For instance you woke up and realize that all the choices thus far are made by other people’s decisions, guess who accepted it and follow along like the good sport you are.

One of the most important choices right now for me is delaying pleasure and self gratification by choosing to save and not travelling or shopping (just doing the bare minimum for now) in order to have financial wholeness, prioritizing saving cause I want to be better for my future self.

Bad habits are choices made for example eating that slice of cake when you’re clearly on a diet, given into guilty pleasure for a temporary fix however, if you get into our mind and create good habits (easier said than done, practice makes perfect) and make long-term decisions in the name of peace and happiness instead of guilt. We all should be intentional with choices for change. It a teachable life lessons how to make proper choices, enhancing your thought patterns, being more emotional intelligent and definitely more self aware.

Being good is a choice and also being bad. You chose to buy that designer pumps knowing your rent is due. We are imperfectly made and mistake is inevitable, once there’s life there’s hope for another chance to make things right for the better. Making important choices to have faith in one self is a committed daily process. We have to renew our mind and accept new knowledge in…




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