Reintroduce, Reinvent, Reanalyze and Rebrand Yourself

2 min readMay 16, 2022

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”. GEORGE BERNHARD SHAW

Photo by SOULSANA on Unsplash

Can a foundation make of quick sand last? Can a clay mountain endure its own past? I do not have answers to these questions; however what I know is that change is inevitable. Is it too late for change? What are my reasons for changing?

First thing first is that you have to surround yourself with people who will promote the best in you, challenge yourself regularly with the tiniest of task. Get new knowledge for growth and I cannot say this enough INVEST IN YOURSELF.

Owning your own truth and not being afraid is the first step to self acceptance, coming to a place to accept your present situations and embracing the truth without living in fear. Be fully present in all areas of your life, unlearn and relearn to adopt a growth mindset. As the songwriter Lauryn Hill says”
Renounce all your thoughts, repent and let your mind be retaught”

Repeat the process as often as possible, until you start seeing changes, while changes are in progress.

Thing you should stop doing:

1. Overanalyzing and over thinking everything, sometimes it’s not that deep.

2. You cannot please everyone and please stop trying.

3. Own your past, make peace with it and move from it.

4. Have faith in yourself, quit worrying.

5. Trust more and less doubtfulness.

For me personally I knew I had to change in order to move from where I was in life there so much more to accomplish. I felt stagnant and everything was repetitive, I knew changes had to come from within.

I asked people who love me unconditionally and also very blunt in telling the truth. Based on the reviews I got, it was without a doubt change was necessary. The first two questions I asked myself were who I want to be? And how I want others to describe me? (Surround yourself with truth tellers). Take action and improve your personality, which is your TRADEMARK.

In concluding do not let anyone put limitations on your life, let your choices and manifestations reflect hopefulness and not fearlessness. DREAM IT, WISH IT, LIVE IT. Your soul and future self will thank you.




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