Apr 10, 2022

Steer clear of them…….

Photo by Mikael Seegen on Unsplash

It’s raining butterflies

The kind you get when a fuck boy lies.

What should be a perfect day going bout my ways.

Turned out to be a fuck boy

Chasing me in haste.

Accidentally smiled back to break

Awkward interaction, if only did I know

Your plotted twisted games.

Will do anything for a piece of action.

You cannot let a fuck boy reign

While silently behind his back you complain.

Move in silent to disarm and

Be very calm.

Please do not do the most, cause

Once he gets a hint, he ghost.

I am glad to say we stand up to you

Fuck boy cause we ain’t one of your damn toy.




I am a writer exploring my purpose, vision and lifelong goals. Poetry writer and avid traveller.