The Poisonous Sea

1 min readMay 8, 2023

Trying to poison you but you are already Toxic………

Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash

Drowning in a pool of unsolicited opinions

Words stuck to your flesh like leech

Not running off like water on a duck’s back

Why are you at this poisonous sea?

Waves of envy, one too many

Hard to put to an end, oh so plenty

You want to hate your existing

Cause you so afraid to

Take a stance.

Setting my demons straight

For once I’ll put them in their place

Will not have my haters elate.

I know there should be no fuss

But things get under your skin

Trying hard not devour in sin.

People refer to you in the past tense

They judge you, but it’s secretly grudge

I will drown your malicious criticisms

In this poisonous sea, cause one thing

For sure you will not get best of me.

High off purifying this mighty shore

No one wants to risk a dip,

I will stay ready to defend my being

Once that speech start tripping,




I am a writer exploring my purpose, vision and lifelong goals. Poetry writer and avid traveller.