The Power Of The Five C’s

3 min readAug 7, 2022

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein.

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

What are your roadblocks? Do you aim at challenging them? What will inspire you to be better? My personal five C’s are Character, Consistency, Commitment, Concentration and Connection. Our character is the personal attitude we have toward a goal; our consistency is the drive and value to continue even when we do not see results. We have to be committed to reap the unseen fruit with a lot of concentration, as the songwriter wrote “No man is an Island, no man stands alone”, therefore we need connection in order to achieve, a sense of community, we are all one piece of the great big puzzle that hold humanity together. The power within these five C’s are unmatched, ‘Power within’ is the capacity to imagine and have hope; it affirms the common human search for dignity and fulfilment.

1) Character is the legal tender for your personal well being that which shape you. Your character is based on whether you are honorable or chooses not to be, if you are loyal to your morals and values. How much respect do you have for yourself and life you live? Are making wrong choices are within your character or you wanted to be better? What if you want to better your life and change it? You have to have the determination and persistence to develop and transform this, which will require loads of honesty within oneself and deciding to make the conscious choice. Learning to build and expand on this will lead you to the required or desired destination.

2) Consistency is the key to unlock the door and have the discipline to carry on. The continuation of winning the race is by steadily adapting good habits as you go along. Make the most of every minute of your time, with no intentions of delaying. When your brain is telling you to do otherwise, blocking out noises of stagnation, naysayers and distractions. Please do not doubt your instinct, nurture your ability to carry on.

3) Commitment is the agreement you will make to yourself to never quit in spite of the hardship, the undying will to follow through regardless of setbacks and roadblocks. The power of committing is showing in your life depending on what you are doing and focusing on, if you have set goals and not working on them. The end result will determine how committed you are and It will take a…


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