The Ultimate Introspectiveness

2 min readJun 2, 2022

Road to Self-Discovery

The most fascinating discovery of your life will be the discovery of yourself.” — Nitin Namdeo

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

If you don’t know yourself, who are you going to know? Confront yourself in order to control yourself. Being self aware is the ultimate power which will gear you toward life`s serious questions and the goals to achieve them. You will have to incorporate every defining elements of your inner being to start this journey.

This will be the hardest journey you will take but the most fulfilling and rewarding. Seeing how far you came, the accomplishments are so worthwhile. The importance of self discovery is knowing and understanding yourself on a deeper level.

What is self discovery? Self-discovery is an ongoing process of stripping away that which is unimportant, reviewing our core values, and seeking to live in greater alignment with these inner truths. Don’t be scared to venture on this journey alone and please keep it to yourself as people tend to be negative of situations they don’t know much about. You are doing this for you and your future self.

First and foremost you have to put ego and pride aside being true to yourself that building trust within that where the inner connection begins, learning to silence and controlling negative thoughts. A plan has to be in place to focus on clarity, as you can easily be sidetracked.

My personal experience on this journey is that self love and self worth have improved significantly, start putting myself first for once and learning things about myself that were obviously ignored as I was pleasing others.

Questions to ask yourself before this journey

How many of us are living the life that we are BORN to live?

How many of us are living the life that we CHOOSE to live?

How will it feel if I TRUST myself for once?

Why am suppressing my CREATIVITY?

Why am I stingy on sharing my GIFT?

In concluding I truly hope these questions will have you COMMITTED, DETERMINED AND CONSISTENTLY to knowing yourself and deeper awareness of your journey of finding your goals and purpose in this thing call LIFE. It’s a never ending process as the days, months and years goes by you become a pro at discovering your values, having better attitude toward yourself and others. Go on and be creative and find you.




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