There’s no shame in renting!!!!

2 min readJul 5, 2021

Stop making people feel inadequate for renting.

Photo by Chris Robert on Unsplash

“To be or not to be”, popular Shakespeare’s question, my most challenging question right now is to buy a house or keep renting. Owning a home is a great responsibility not to mention the hidden costs associated with maintaining it especially if you are single. Society however conditions us to believe highest form of “adulting” is home ownership. I would say paying your bills on time will be more important, and also having a sense of direction however I digress. Pardon me but I’m not trying to discourage anyone from fulfilling your desired goal or dream, but encourage. The opinions stated are based on my experiences and best needs.

I presently live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), where more buyers than renters therefore the market is pretty much unstable. The other evening on my way home from nature walk; I passed a sold sign on top reads “SOLD $250,000 ABOVE ASKING PRICE”. Is there’s hope at the end of “seller’s market nightmare” for potential buyers?

Why there is a negative stigma attached to renting? And God forbid you are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s still renting. You might as well do the walk of shame cause that’s so scandalous and just so unheard of. Wealth building can be accomplish through renting especially through maintenance cost, cause that will be the landlord’s responsibilities, this money can be invested and overtime your return will be great.

I’m all for home ownership, but do I want to be house poor or rent smart? Do I dig deeper in debts or basically add to my down payment? There are many factors in home ownership, if you can actively afford it. Given the fact that interest rate is low right now:

· Build Wealth Security

· Build Credit Security

· Investment Strategy

· Build Retirement Income/Pension

· Build Passive Income

I will definitely wait until the market is more stable, the goal here is to live within my means and not fail miserably trying to impress others, so until then I will be RENTING.




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