This thing called Life…….

3 min readNov 29, 2022

A luta continua

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

The highway of life, the innocence of time is no longer here. Please don’t pretend this is not the truth. The pressure to be unreal and putting up a facade is the glorified norm.

I have never seen a time where everyone is under the influence of something. Who do I turn to and what is the going price? Is getting back to the norm needed? By the way what is the norm?

Change is inevitable, but is this change we want for future generations? We produce so much yet we consume so little. We create content for others but who create content for us? What are our dreams and purposes? Do we have control over our life? Do you feel invisible and if you disappear would it matter?

The secret to find meaningfulness in life is making you happy (first and foremost) as cliché as this might sound. Living a life that’s enriched with dreams, goals, visions and purposes are the sources that going to keep you engaged. A meaningful life will give value to your character and your overall well being.

Whatever you put out you will get it back in tenfold, your purpose belong to you and uniquely you. For me personally I was at crossword and did not know which way to go, writing poetry and self reflecting was my escape to gain clarity in figuring out my next move whenever it’s physically, personally financially and spiritually.

You will receive answers to questions that you’ve carried around inside all your life if you search hard enough, and be confidently moving forward with the information you found. Be totally supportive by all your gifts and answers that are revealed to you.

This thing called life is having a roadmap instead of a GPS; you have to plan and define your desired goals and outcomes which include major steps and directions to reach them and move with confidence. There are huge benefits getting clarifications about your life path and the tools and directions to help you get there. It’s within you to reveal the answers to these questions that we all have and then provide clear ways to show you how you will get there.

You have to:

· Discover your life’s purpose

· Know your life’s purpose

· What are your life’s purpose

· How you go about getting your life’s purpose

· Gaining clarity on your life’s purpose

· Search the path on your life’s purpose

· Plan your life’s purpose

· The direction on your life’s purpose

There are so many ways to define meaning of life but having a clear intention and be intentional about the choices you make, you have this one life and what you put in will be the result of your reward. Take chances, make moves and let each level outshine the next.




I am a writer exploring my purpose, vision and lifelong goals. Poetry writer and avid traveller.