Trust The Process……..

2 min readDec 8, 2022

“When we let go of what we think is best for us, we can receive what we truly need.”-Anthon St. Maarten.

Photo by novia wu on Unsplash

The average thoughts that crossed my mind can be so mind blowing, wake up and take charge or I just might leave you all here. You are uncontrolled and out of line. I have no choice but to trust the process and control negative and idle thoughts.

The joy within me is to have all my manifestations, dreams and destiny to be fulfilled on my timeline, out of nowhere the universe will often remind me that whatever I am going through right now is preparing me for the life I dreamt of and what I destined to be.

Things will not go according to plan, trial and setbacks you faced are taking you to the final destination and that’s what going to shape you. Whenever life decide to throw you a curveball, the lessons you learned in the past remain dormant within you, it normally activated and you become aware and know what to do and therefore you act accordingly. This is what decisions are made of, the glorified joy that you get when written goals are achieved.

Trust the process and know that greatness is within you, know your values and worth. This is what going to separate you from the massive, if you do not know who you are no one will. You are worthy of all the greatness coming to you and deserve it all.

As the old saying goes, “When everything is going wrong, there’s better around the corner. My questions are:

Where is the corner?

How do we get to the corner?

What’s the closest corner?

Who is in charge of the corner?

Why it has to be at the corner?

When is the deadline?

My answers are not to let anxiety get the best of you, patience my friend. Do not resent yourself if things are not going according to plan but learn that change brings confidence, eliminates any resentment. Knowing that there is a mental hill you need to climb and also remember that hard work brings new dreams, new purposes and new meanings.




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