Trying To Tackle The Wrath Of The Rain.

Dec 3, 2022


Photo by Cole Farlow on Unsplash

Trying to tackle the wrath of the rain.

A terrible feeling filled with pleasures

And disconnected pain.

Unimpressed downpour reminding

You better stay indoors.

Concave of wind wrestle with trees, forces

Anything and everything out of sight.

Rain you are ready for a supreme adventure,

Trotting down the forbidden path of Mother Nature.

Sunshine finally came in peace to see if

One could be at a bit of ease.

Rain I admire your willpower, so until then I will

Entertain you for the next couple hours.

This isn’t strange as you show your rebellious rage

In any given measures or stages.

Adoring your endless flows through crevices and cracks

You cease to never disappoint.




I am a writer exploring my purpose, vision and lifelong goals. Poetry writer and avid traveller.